Integrated Security Solutions

Integrated Security Services

Ensure your event runs smoothly from start to finish with our range of event security guard services

  • Static and Mobile Event Security Guards
  • Crowd Control Services
  • CCTV Installation and Surveillance
  • Fully Licensed and Available UK Wide

Available from Guard Group, Integrated Security Systems are most recent developments in CCTV (closed-circuit television) design, and are increasingly popular for small business owners and small offices. They offer an overall security solution, and with their basic user interfaces and simple hook-ups, are easy to use.  Comprising of an LCD display monitor, a network card and a DVR (digital video recorder), they are an ideal choice for many people in need of security and video surveillance. The DVR component is able to record up to 180 days of footage in a high resolution, and a USB outlet allows for the footage to be transferred to an external drive and further onto DVD if required.  This is especially useful in the event of a crime, should a copy of the recording be needed for police investigations.

In an integrated security system, the built-in network card allows for users to see what their cameras are viewing at any time, over the Internet.  For small business owners and home-office owners who are often away from their business or office due to travel, this is a particularly convenientfeature.

The integrated security system is therefore an increasingly popular choice for people desiring a security solution that is also flexible, compact and convenient.  Consider a system from Guard Group for your home office or small business today.